PAV 2 Concrete

Arrowmix is one of the leading concrete providers in the North West, with our familiar range of vehicles delivering concrete across Chester, Cheshire, the Wirral and surrounding areas.

One of our most recent projects was supplying the concrete at a factory in Warrington. Around 40 cubic metres of PAV 2 concrete were used to fill the new car park outside the premises. The site was completed with a retaining wall backing onto grass, made with Concrete Interlocking Blocks – more commonly known as ‘Lego Blocks’.

PAV 2 is regularly chosen for outdoor sites due to it’s durability and strength, as well as its structure’s ability to resist shrinking and cracking. The British Standard of Concrete recommends PAV 2 Concrete for heavy-wheeled traffic, meaning that this car park will be safe and functional for many years to come.

PAV 2 Concrete delivered

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